Intro to My Blog

16 Oct

What’s up everybody in cyberspace? I haven’t tried to blog in forever, so this is a little weird for me. Hopefully it won’t be too weird for you reading it! Anyway, I’m Bianca and as you could probably already tell, this is my wonderful blog. I don’t make any promises about the entertainment value of this blog, and I definitely don’t promise that we won’t visit any adult themes, so kids, go check out Nickelodeon or something!

About me, let’s see…some would say that my life is a little crazy. I prefer to say that I just like to stay busy and try new things. Anyway, I’m 34, but if you meet me in person I’ll probably say 27 (nobody has called me out on it yet!). I’m a lawyer, just like my dad before me. I’ve been living here in Boston for 21 years now, it’s hard to believe!

Anyway, I don’t know exactly why I decided to write a blog. I know that it will be nice for me to be able to kind of chronicle my thoughts, and if I can interact with a few cool people, that’ll be good, too. Of course, I’m not looking to pick up any crazy stalkers or anything, so if you’re the type go ahead and check out another blog, okay?

I’ll probably talk about my work and family a bit, but trust me when I say most of this blog will probably have to deal with drama. Drama with friends, drama with guys, oh, and a heaping spoonful of gossip to go with it. If that sounds like your thing, we will get along just fine!

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