Shopping With Fernanda

2 Nov

The other day, I took a much needed shopping trip with a work friend of mine, Fernanda. She isn’t one of my besties, but at the same time she’s a good friend that I’ve gotten to know a lot better in the last year or so. She works with me at my firm, which is also nice because I have somebody to dish office gossip with and talk about cute clients or interns with, as well. You have to have that, right?

Anyway, we got together not to discuss the ridiculous hotness of our newest intern, Jordan (oh, God, I’m starting to sound like a cradle robber…Sophia would be proud!), but to hit the town and do some shopping. I’m not huge into fashion like a lot of women in New York are, but what can I say? I’m a girl; I love clothes. If anything, I’m just not a label whore like a lot of women are. If I like how it looks, I buy it.

So, while we were out I picked up some cute shoes, along with a couple new business appropriate outfits for work. Yes, I said “business appropriate”. I definitely don’t mix my nightlife wear with my office wear. There’s a place for both, after all (although not much room in my closet at this point), and it gives me an excuse to buy twice as many outfits!

During lunch, Fernanda told me she suspects that one of the partners of our firm is spending a little too much time with his secretary. Now, this is not new information, but she said she can all but confirm it now. It seems that she knocked on the door and heard a frantic, “One second” and a dramatic rustling of clothes from within the office. If his wife finds out, that will be one EXPENSIVE affair!

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