A Little Work Drama

27 Nov

Remember how I told you that my friend from work, Fernanda, had deduced that there is a little bit of naughty business going on at my work? You know, with a partner of the firm getting it on with his secretary? Well, the plot has officially thickened, and the results are most interesting.

Recently, the secretary in question (we’ll call her “Lucy”) missed a few days of work. This is weird because Lucy NEVER misses work. I mean she has never missed in all of the time that she’s worked at the firm, which is four years now. Anyway, she missed a few days, then came back wearing a turtleneck. Again, something she has never done before. Given, this was right after she came back from a (ahem) “business trip” to a convention with the partner himself (we’ll call him “Greg”).

The day after the turtleneck day, she finally shows up to work with her neck uncovered, and what do you know? She must have run out of turtlenecks after just one day, because instead there was some awful looking cover-up job on her neck that was clearly just makeup that was intended to hide an obvious hickey!

Yes, a hickey. I wanted to shout, “What are we, 16?!?” I mean, I haven’t had a hickey since before I could drive a car. I’m by no means sexually repressed, but I didn’t get the point of them (other than being a jealous way to convey ownership to the rest of the world) then, and I get the point even less when you’re a secretary having an affair with one of the partners of the firm.

So, after an hour of hushed whispers around the office, Greg calls Lucy in (he apparently hadn’t noticed her until then, go figure), and she came out all in a huff. He must have chewed her out for not wearing turtlenecks two days in a row. But hey, why give the girl a hickey then, Mr. Hotshot? Not very discreet.


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