Catching Up on My Life

12 Feb

So, it has been a little while since my last post. Let me get you updated on my crazy life. First of all, in my last post I mentioned that I was going on a date with a guy I met named Jason. I was excited because Jason appeared to meet all of my five criteria: he wasn’t crazy, he was attractive, he had a sense of humor, he had a job, and he definitely was NOT crazy. He passed the last-minute crazy double-check and everything.

Unfortunately, I forgot the all-important sixth qualification, which is “he should not be married”. Yes, a couple of dates in, I found out that Jason is married. At first, it was “oh, don’t freak out, we’re separated,” and then a little probing on my part led to the knowledge that “separated” means “sleeping on the couch for a week”. I realize some girls will go for that, but not me, so he had to go. Luckily nothing had happened between us…ugh.

Work has been going well. I’ve been really busy with clients lately, and I don’t know why there’s been a recent spike in my workload, to tell you the truth. That explains my lack of activity here, though! It certainly hasn’t been my bustling social life, though I do make sure to get out with the girls from time to time when I can.

The guy front has been pretty quiet. I’ve been flirting with a guy on Facebook a little bit that I met through Fernanda, and that’s fun and all, but I don’t expect it to go really far. Of course, I flirt with the intern, Jordan, at work from time to time, too, but that’s more to amuse myself and let’s face it, mess with his head. Come on, it’s all in good fun!

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