A Terrible Business Trip

15 Feb

Business trips can be good or bad, depending on the circumstances. It’s my experience that if the travel part works out okay, the trip is usually pretty good, but that’s a big “if”. Fast forward to yesterday, and I’m on my way out of town for a conference with a couple of people from work. Unfortunately, “people from work” I mean Greg and Lucy.

You’ll remember from my previous blog that Greg (not his real name of course, I don’t enjoy getting fired) has obviously been seeing Lucy (ditto), and it has made the office a pretty awkward place in the last couple of months. Well, let me tell you how fun riding in the back seat with those two in the front was: not very.

So, they’re obviously (and disgustingly) smitten with one another, despite Greg’s ongoing marriage to his wife, who is definitely not Lucy. Yet they both somehow think that the rest of the office hasn’t caught on, so they annoyingly try to be coy about it. It was kind of like being the third wheel on a date, except that the two dating are pretending not to be on a date in a way that makes it even more obvious that you are not really welcome there.

Thank God for my iPhone. I spent the whole ride here playing around on it. I downloaded some new games and apps from Availion and they kept my mind off of the incessant giggling and barely cloaked flirting between the two of them. When we got to the hotel, I didn’t even wait around to see them pretend to get separate rooms and make up an excuse to go “take a nap” or whatever, I just yawned something about being tired and checked in ahead of them at the desk. This is going to be a long trip.

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