Sitting Around at Home

12 Nov

Today I’m just sitting around at home without a whole lot to do. I wouldn’t say that I’m “bored”…in fact, I don’t ever say that. How could you be bored with all the resources the average American has? And in New York? Come on. Anyway, I’m not bored, but I just don’t feel like doing a whole lot.

What did I do today? Well, I’m warning you, it hasn’t been much, but if you really want to know…

I woke up, showered (I like showering in the morning because it helps me wake up and I don’t drink coffee to help me in that regard- Bianca Fact #1,481), had some breakfast, and surfed the internet for awhile. I stopped by Casino Estrella, played some blackjack and slots (I won $400, woo-hoo!), checked my personal e-mail, looked through People StarTracks to get the latest celebrity gossip (my guilty pleasure), and now here I am, posting this.

See, I told you it’s been an uneventful day.

Anyway, my life is so busy that I don’t let myself feel guilty over having these kinds of days now and then. People at work always ask me how I manage my lifestyle without getting stressed, but they don’t know that I take these kinds of “off days” regularly to de-stress and get back into the mood to take on the world again with my usual amount of gusto.

Of course, while I don’t get bored easily, like I said earlier, one day like today is just about my limit before I need to get out in the world and do something productive. What can I say? I have my father’s work ethic and my mother’s need to socially interact on a regular basis!


So Many Guys to Choose From

7 Nov

Earlier, I talked about how my relationships usually don’t get far, often because of circumstances that border between ridiculous and flat-out hilarious. My friends always tell me that I should write a book about my life (to which I respond, “Why would I want anyone to know about my life?!?” Of course, now I’m writing a blog, but at least it’s not the same as my picture and full name on the front of a book in stores across the country with my story inside it).

Well, the big picture story is this. I’ve had exactly one relationship that has lasted longer than a year, and that was from my junior year to senior year in high school. I’ve thought about it a lot since then (obviously), and I’m not sure if that experience has made me pickier, or hesitant to be with someone for a long time, or what. We broke up when we went to different colleges and I remember thinking, “What was I doing with him my whole senior year if we were just going to break up as soon as we got to college?”

Since then, I’ve been very cognizant of the fact that there is an opportunity cost (to break out a term from microeconomics class…my professor would be proud) to relationships. If I’m dating James, I can’t be dating Frank…or at least, I shouldn’t be.

That’s the problem, really. New York is not a small place. There are so many guys to choose from, and if I feel like a relationship is not going to work out, I don’t waste time moving on to something new. I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing; in fact, I think it will speed up the process of meeting the right guy because I’m not wasting year upon year on doomed relationships. It’s good not to settle, after all, right?

Shopping With Fernanda

2 Nov

The other day, I took a much needed shopping trip with a work friend of mine, Fernanda. She isn’t one of my besties, but at the same time she’s a good friend that I’ve gotten to know a lot better in the last year or so. She works with me at my firm, which is also nice because I have somebody to dish office gossip with and talk about cute clients or interns with, as well. You have to have that, right?

Anyway, we got together not to discuss the ridiculous hotness of our newest intern, Jordan (oh, God, I’m starting to sound like a cradle robber…Sophia would be proud!), but to hit the town and do some shopping. I’m not huge into fashion like a lot of women in New York are, but what can I say? I’m a girl; I love clothes. If anything, I’m just not a label whore like a lot of women are. If I like how it looks, I buy it.

So, while we were out I picked up some cute shoes, along with a couple new business appropriate outfits for work. Yes, I said “business appropriate”. I definitely don’t mix my nightlife wear with my office wear. There’s a place for both, after all (although not much room in my closet at this point), and it gives me an excuse to buy twice as many outfits!

During lunch, Fernanda told me she suspects that one of the partners of our firm is spending a little too much time with his secretary. Now, this is not new information, but she said she can all but confirm it now. It seems that she knocked on the door and heard a frantic, “One second” and a dramatic rustling of clothes from within the office. If his wife finds out, that will be one EXPENSIVE affair!

Too Many Drinks

29 Oct

Oof. I should know better than to listen to friends when it comes to certain subjects. These subjects would include (but not be limited to): who I should date, whether I should eat Thai food (story for another time), and especially- how much I should drink.

Let Exhibit A (actually, over the years it’s gotta be up to Exhibit X or Y by now) be the other night. After another disastrous relationship (that lasted all of two and a half weeks) with a charming young man named Christopher who unfortunately has a foot fetish that goes past “fetish” and into “obsession”, I had to go out and have some drinks.

This was the kind of night where your friends need to go, “I know you’re in your 30s now and every relationship you attempt seems to be either a practical joke set up by an omnipotent being or your own subconscious method of self-punishment, but take it easy and stay optimistic.” Instead, I got, “Yeah, men suck…screw them! Have another drink!”

So, I had another. And another. You know how you reach that threshold when you’re drinking where another drink seems very easy to have and you have already stopped listening to the reason of your own conscience? Yeah, I passed that mark at about 10:30pm. Not. Good.

If I can give my besties credit for one thing, it’s that they at least didn’t let me go home with “Albert”, who I apparently was hanging all over near the end of the night and exchanging pleasantries with. Knowing that I dodged that apparent bullet the next day was nice, even if it didn’t exactly fix my thudding headache or recurring need to kneel before my toilet. Still, hey, I dodged a long-term relationship with foot “fetish”-but-really-obsession guy, so “go me”, right? Let’s stay positive here, right?

My Crazy Friends and Their Crazy Problems

24 Oct

Like a lot of women of all ages, I have a core group of friends along with a much larger group of friends that I’m not as close with. Let me tell you about the diverse group of ladies that I affectionately refer to as my “besties”.

First, there’s Sophia. Sophia is the oldest one of us (if I told you how old, she’d kill me, but let’s just say a few years older than me, wink wink), but she hasn’t dated a guy over 25 for as long as I can remember. We always say, “Sophia’s boyfriends: we keep getting older, but they stay the same age,” ha ha.

There’s also Jamie, who is the only one of us currently in a long-term relationship. She’s dating this guy who is cool enough, but is really into gaming. I mean like, he has a “man cave” with game posters on the wall and he has like a half dozen gaming systems. Jamie is always complaining about him, but I’m pretty sure he does the same thing when she’s not around. That’s how you survive a long-term relationship, I figure.

Then, there’s Carlita. She’s the sensible one of the group. Don’t get me wrong, she has her moods, too, but in general she’s the one that talks the rest of us down from the proverbial ledge or gives us the sage advice that we need. She’s good at seeing things from different perspectives, which I can only do occasionally (and when I’m not angry).

Now, my friends are very individual from one another, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses, like we all do. They may be a little quirky and at times downright embarrassing, but where I come from loyalty is a big deal. I’m loyal to my besties just like they are loyal to me, and at the end of the day that’s what matters. The world sometimes seems like it wants to stab you in the back, so you have to have people in your life you can trust…even if they’re a little crazy!

Some Interesting Things About Me

20 Oct

So, the last few days I’ve been trying to think of some interesting things to share with you so that my blog will actually be worth reading! Here’s a few things that I have come up with so that we can be good cyber-friends (lol).
First of all, I’m not originally from Boston, Massachusetts, or even the United States. I’m actually from the Dominican Republic, but my family and I moved here when I was 13 years old. Therefore, I got to experience a little bit of both worlds and it has made me a more well-rounded person. Plus, learning to speak in the DR and then living in Boston for 20 years gives you a very interesting accent!

I said in my first blog that I’m a lawyer and that my dad is, too. Well, I swore all my life that I was never going to be a lawyer. My dad would kind of needle me about it, but playfully: “You going to follow in my footsteps, Bianca?” I would make a face and deny it like I was on the stand being tried for murder.

However, when it came time in college to pick a major, I really thought about it. Was I avoiding going into law because it wasn’t the life for me, or was I avoiding it just because my dad was a lawyer? I think being honest with yourself is an important part of life, and  fortunately, I was able to be honest with myself and now I have a great career working in a wonderful, quickly growing firm.

I know those weren’t exactly juicy details, but next time I’ll get into a bit more about my life outside of work and family. That should be considerably more interesting, let me assure you on that!

Intro to My Blog

16 Oct

What’s up everybody in cyberspace? I haven’t tried to blog in forever, so this is a little weird for me. Hopefully it won’t be too weird for you reading it! Anyway, I’m Bianca and as you could probably already tell, this is my wonderful blog. I don’t make any promises about the entertainment value of this blog, and I definitely don’t promise that we won’t visit any adult themes, so kids, go check out Nickelodeon or something!

About me, let’s see…some would say that my life is a little crazy. I prefer to say that I just like to stay busy and try new things. Anyway, I’m 34, but if you meet me in person I’ll probably say 27 (nobody has called me out on it yet!). I’m a lawyer, just like my dad before me. I’ve been living here in Boston for 21 years now, it’s hard to believe!

Anyway, I don’t know exactly why I decided to write a blog. I know that it will be nice for me to be able to kind of chronicle my thoughts, and if I can interact with a few cool people, that’ll be good, too. Of course, I’m not looking to pick up any crazy stalkers or anything, so if you’re the type go ahead and check out another blog, okay?

I’ll probably talk about my work and family a bit, but trust me when I say most of this blog will probably have to deal with drama. Drama with friends, drama with guys, oh, and a heaping spoonful of gossip to go with it. If that sounds like your thing, we will get along just fine!