(A Lack Of) Spontaneity and Me

18 Feb

One time, I was at a New England Patriots game and a streaker ran out on the field. Well, it wasn’t like the streaker in the famous picture with a cop using his helmet to cover his junk or anything…the guy had on underwear, at least. But still, he ran out on the field and acted pretty much like an idiot until they finally caught him. I remember thinking, “I wish I could do something like that.”

Mind you, I don’t want to do THAT exactly, but something that takes me out of my comfort zone. Even though I’m a fairly outgoing and confident person, I don’t count those traits as me “going out of my comfort zone” because being that way comes natural to me. I’m talking about doing things that other people would be impressed, shocked, or even amazed by.

I’ve always wanted to be the kind of person who is more spontaneous, and while I’ve worked on it over the years, it’s kind of hard to do. I mean, “practicing” spontaneity seems kind of contrary to the whole point of being spontaneous, doesn’t it?

It goes all the way back to my college years. I guess I didn’t do a lot of the things that other girls did when I was in college, as far as going on spring break and getting into wet t-shirt contests or dancing on top of tables and stuff.

Come to think of it, when we think of women doing “spontaneous” things, why is it always something sexual? Then, when we think of men doing spontaneous things, it’s always something cool and fun, like motocross or skydiving. Think about it, it’s the truth! Just another way in which it’s not so easy to be a woman!


A Terrible Business Trip

15 Feb

Business trips can be good or bad, depending on the circumstances. It’s my experience that if the travel part works out okay, the trip is usually pretty good, but that’s a big “if”. Fast forward to yesterday, and I’m on my way out of town for a conference with a couple of people from work. Unfortunately, “people from work” I mean Greg and Lucy.

You’ll remember from my previous blog that Greg (not his real name of course, I don’t enjoy getting fired) has obviously been seeing Lucy (ditto), and it has made the office a pretty awkward place in the last couple of months. Well, let me tell you how fun riding in the back seat with those two in the front was: not very.

So, they’re obviously (and disgustingly) smitten with one another, despite Greg’s ongoing marriage to his wife, who is definitely not Lucy. Yet they both somehow think that the rest of the office hasn’t caught on, so they annoyingly try to be coy about it. It was kind of like being the third wheel on a date, except that the two dating are pretending not to be on a date in a way that makes it even more obvious that you are not really welcome there.

Thank God for my iPhone. I spent the whole ride here playing around on it. I downloaded some new games and apps from Availion and they kept my mind off of the incessant giggling and barely cloaked flirting between the two of them. When we got to the hotel, I didn’t even wait around to see them pretend to get separate rooms and make up an excuse to go “take a nap” or whatever, I just yawned something about being tired and checked in ahead of them at the desk. This is going to be a long trip.

Catching Up on My Life

12 Feb

So, it has been a little while since my last post. Let me get you updated on my crazy life. First of all, in my last post I mentioned that I was going on a date with a guy I met named Jason. I was excited because Jason appeared to meet all of my five criteria: he wasn’t crazy, he was attractive, he had a sense of humor, he had a job, and he definitely was NOT crazy. He passed the last-minute crazy double-check and everything.

Unfortunately, I forgot the all-important sixth qualification, which is “he should not be married”. Yes, a couple of dates in, I found out that Jason is married. At first, it was “oh, don’t freak out, we’re separated,” and then a little probing on my part led to the knowledge that “separated” means “sleeping on the couch for a week”. I realize some girls will go for that, but not me, so he had to go. Luckily nothing had happened between us…ugh.

Work has been going well. I’ve been really busy with clients lately, and I don’t know why there’s been a recent spike in my workload, to tell you the truth. That explains my lack of activity here, though! It certainly hasn’t been my bustling social life, though I do make sure to get out with the girls from time to time when I can.

The guy front has been pretty quiet. I’ve been flirting with a guy on Facebook a little bit that I met through Fernanda, and that’s fun and all, but I don’t expect it to go really far. Of course, I flirt with the intern, Jordan, at work from time to time, too, but that’s more to amuse myself and let’s face it, mess with his head. Come on, it’s all in good fun!

Dating Material?

3 Dec

It’s not exactly a big moment in my life when I meet a new guy, because this is New York: the city is literally crawling with them. Well, that makes them sound like bugs, which is only appropriate for some of the male population, but you get my point. They’re everywhere.

Anyhow, what IS noteworthy is when I meet one that might actually be (gasp!) worth dating. And hopefully writing about this in my humble little blog doesn’t jinx everything, but I think I’ve met one that fits the lofty criteria.

What’s the criteria, you ask? Oh, here it is: those who want to date me must 1) not be crazy, 2) be at least a bit attractive, 3) have a sense of humor, 4) have a job of some sort, and 5) definitely NOT be crazy. Now, generally if #1 doesn’t disqualify a guy, #5 gets them on the last-minute double-check. You have to double-check the crazy thing in New York, after all.

Well, there’s a guy named Jason that I just met who shockingly seems to meet all five criteria, at least so far. Let’s not cross our fingers too much because you never know, but he’s at least worth going on a couple of dates with. He’s cute, really funny, has a pretty good job (I’m not materialistic, I have my own money; it’s more of a sign of responsibility than anything) and is not crazy!

We have a date coming up next weekend, although we’ve kind of had an unofficial date already when we had lunch recently. Still, it wasn’t a full-blown date, so I’m a little excited for the real one. He’s a fun guy, so at the very least it should be a good time!

A Little Work Drama

27 Nov

Remember how I told you that my friend from work, Fernanda, had deduced that there is a little bit of naughty business going on at my work? You know, with a partner of the firm getting it on with his secretary? Well, the plot has officially thickened, and the results are most interesting.

Recently, the secretary in question (we’ll call her “Lucy”) missed a few days of work. This is weird because Lucy NEVER misses work. I mean she has never missed in all of the time that she’s worked at the firm, which is four years now. Anyway, she missed a few days, then came back wearing a turtleneck. Again, something she has never done before. Given, this was right after she came back from a (ahem) “business trip” to a convention with the partner himself (we’ll call him “Greg”).

The day after the turtleneck day, she finally shows up to work with her neck uncovered, and what do you know? She must have run out of turtlenecks after just one day, because instead there was some awful looking cover-up job on her neck that was clearly just makeup that was intended to hide an obvious hickey!

Yes, a hickey. I wanted to shout, “What are we, 16?!?” I mean, I haven’t had a hickey since before I could drive a car. I’m by no means sexually repressed, but I didn’t get the point of them (other than being a jealous way to convey ownership to the rest of the world) then, and I get the point even less when you’re a secretary having an affair with one of the partners of the firm.

So, after an hour of hushed whispers around the office, Greg calls Lucy in (he apparently hadn’t noticed her until then, go figure), and she came out all in a huff. He must have chewed her out for not wearing turtlenecks two days in a row. But hey, why give the girl a hickey then, Mr. Hotshot? Not very discreet.

Too Much Work, Too Little Time

21 Nov

It’s a good thing that I love my job. And I really do…I love nearly everything about it. I love the challenges that it presents, I love the variety of the tasks and cases that I get to handle, and I love the people that I work with. What I don’t love is the workload itself in terms of how MUCH of it there is. That could change and you would not hear me complain. Not at all.

Right now, I’m ridiculously swamped at work. Now, I know you’ve heard people say that they’re “swamped” with work. That’s all well and good, but I have a hunch that if you took all of the work that the typical “swamped” person has to do and put it next to my pile, it would look like Mount Everest sitting next to a little hill that the neighborhood kids like to go sledding down in the winter.

Let’s just say that there’s a lot to do at my work. How much? Well, I regularly put in 60 hours per week during busy times, and I still bring work home with me. Now, my work is worth it and I am definitely well paid for what I do, but holy crap, can a girl have some time to herself? Fortunately I regularly take time off, too, and I have some flexibility on most days with my schedule so I can take long lunches to de-stress, etc. That kind of thing helps me to stay sane, at least.

Anyway, this will be a shorter blog since (you guessed it) I have work that is piling up as we speak. I just had to take a little break and wave my SOS signal in the air in case someone can magically disappear all of this crap I have to do.

I Need to Get in Shape

17 Nov

I came to the realization today that I need to get back in shape. Let me preface this with a few disclosures. First of all, I’m completely happy with how I look. Women ask me all the time how I stay in such great shape, and I say, “Believe me, I’m not…I’m just blessed with good genes!” Still, since I was a distance runner on the track team in high school as well as college, I know what “good shape” really is and it’s not just “looking good in your favorite jeans.”

Today I took the stairs to my office like I do from time to time in order to avoid getting too lazy, and while I wasn’t out of breath at the top, it was harder than it should have been. Now and then, when I get a sign like that which indicates that I’m not in great shape, I really hop to it and re-prioritize working out and exercising.

If I don’t make it a priority, it’s really easy to get lazy and not work out for months at a time because my life is pretty busy. Therefore, it’s really only my competitive nature that gets me to go for a run or head to the gym, because to be honest it doesn’t fit easily into my schedule at all. Still, working out is not just about looks but also about being healthy, and especially in a high stress career I think it’s important to get some cardio exercise in regularly. So, off to the gym I go to get a good sweat in!